Sunday, March 8, 2009

Running is better than a Gucci Bag

It was beautiful out on Saturday. So, I went to my favorite its-beautiful-out-on-a-random-winter-day place: Georgetown.

I walked past the lululemon store on Wisconsin Avenue. This sign was in the window:

This led me to remember something that two of my clients said to me last year. Each one was talking to a friend about working out with their trainer (me). And the friend said something to the effect of, "I don't know how you spend so much money on going to see a trainer." To which the client replied, "Well, you spend that much on getting your hair done/shopping."

Why is it that we as black women will shell out our hard earned money on clothes, getting our hair done, shoes, pedicures, manicures, hand bags, you name it, but we are not willing to spend money on exercise? Exercise will keep us healthy and lower our chance of suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. These other things just help us to look nice, but heart disease doesn't care how fly you look.

Don't get me wrong. I love shoes too. But, ladies, we need to get our priorities straight.

It's time for a revolution!!


  1. As the leaders of our households, women have the responsibility for setting an example for their children. Undoubtedly, children will duplicate what they see their parents do and say. So, with everything we do, attending church, volunteering, reading, exercising, eating healthy, we demonstrate to our family what's important. And exercise IS vitally important. Especially in the African American community which as the highest rate of heart disease amongst women and men; increasing rates of diabetes and high cholesterol. And the childhood obesity rates within Washington DC are the highest in the country.
    It's definitely time for a revolution and time to set a good example. If not for ourselves, then for the ones we love!

  2. This is a great point! I know that as women, our own needs often take a back seat to the needs of our loved ones. But our health (as the leaders of our families) affects everyone, and we do need to make it a priority. As a matter of fact, exercise and making decisions about healthy meals can become a family activity.

  3. Nice post! Looking forward to many more!