Sunday, September 27, 2009

My First 5k

Ok, I did it! I completed my first 5k today!

It wasn't raining when I woke up this morning but it was raining pretty bad by 6:30 am and continued to rain right until start time at 8:30. Then the rain stopped until I was done and headed back to my car. This means that I didnt have to wear the thin, shortened poncho that I wore in lieu of a windbreaker. I also didn't have to wear the long sleeved shirt I had on. Anyway....

I am looking forward to seeing just how many people were running in the 5k. It was so crowded at the start line! There were people for as far as I could see. The race started in Oakland on Fifth Avenue right in front of those round tower dorms on Pitt's campus. I figured the crowd would thin out at some point, but it actually never did. I had to navigate through the crowd like I do when I am driving on the highway-weaving in and out of people.

Did I mention that some people were walking the 5k? So I had to navigate around them as well.

The cool thing is that I ended up running behind this tall guy who was running at a pretty good pace for me and was also weaving in and out of the people. I followed him for pretty much the last two miles. It was great to have him there at the end because I was really tired and wanted to slow down, but I wanted to stay behind him. The only bummer is that I lost him at the finish line and never got to tell him that I was following him the whole time. I was so happy to have him to follow!

It was also cool to run down Baum Boulevard. I have driven on that road so many times but I have never actually walked or run on it. This road goes behind Duquesne University and the Duquesne University band was playing right after the first mile. That was real cool.

Speaking of music, I didn't have my Ipod with me. I don't know why but I left it in the car. I am not used to running without music or listening to my Sportstalk station. So I had to entertain myself with thoughts like, "I hope they are not going to take my picture at the end. I am not looking very Flo-Jo today. Next time, I am going to wear cuter running clothes...."

Also, the course is not all downhill like they said, but it is not nearly as bad as a race in Pittsburgh could be so I am not going to complain.

Anyway, at the first mile, my time was 11:05. I was not happy about that. But at the second mile, my time was 20 minutes, which I was happy about. I believe I finished in under 30 minutes, thanks to my pace guy. :)

Although I am quite happy with my unofficial time, this run was much harder than my practice runs on the streets near my house. During my practice runs, I get stuck at lights half a dozen times so I get a little "break" where I jog in place. There are no traffic lights to stop at during the 5k so I ran the whole thing. I felt awesome at the end though. To be honest, I can't wait to do it again! I will have to find one in October to run. Anyone want to join me??

Oh and at the end, they had tents set up and were giving out bananas (yuk), oranges, fruit cups, bagels, really good pasta salad from the Spaghetti Warehouse and to my excitement, smiley face cookies from Eat n Park. (my favorite!)

Thank goodness for yesterday's yoga class too, by the way!

For some reason the results are not posted yet.....

I am so excited that my first 5k was in my hometown. Hopefully, next year, you can join me for the City of Pittsburgh Great Race!

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