Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healthy Reservations

What do you think of when you picture the perfect vacation? A break from work? A little relaxation and quiet time? Chillin on the beach with a cold drink with an umbrella in it?

Hopefully, your perfect vacation includes staying on track with your health and fitness goals. These days there are plenty of hotels that aim to deliver rest, relaxation, healthy meal options and excellent fitness opportunities.

The May 2009 issue of Health Magazine highlighted America's Healthiest Hotels. Some of them are the more ritzy hotels that you would expect to see on this list, such as The Four Seasons (rated #2) and The Ritz Carlton (rated #6). However, there are also more reasonably priced (yet still well known) hotels on the list including The Hilton (ranked #4) and the Hyatt Regency (ranked #5).

The top rated hotel on this list is The Fairmont, which runs about $139.00 per night. It is considered the best because of its innovative programs. You can take the hotel's dog out for a walk in Copley Plaza in Boston. For a small fee, The Fairmont Fit Program will provide guests with Adidas athletic shoes, preloaded MP3 players, running maps and more. There are special massages and services for busy business travelers who need to relax and detox. The Fairmont also has special pillow menus for the perfect night's sleep.

On my recent trip to Miami (sigh!) I noticed that the hotel where I usually stay, The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, has bikes on site that are available for guests to rent. They also claim to have yoga instruction on site.

Vacation does not have to mean abandoning all of the good work you have done all year towards your health and fitness goals.

What healthy options do you look for when you choose a hotel?
Do you actually take advantage of the fitness equipment and healthy meal options that are offered? Let us know!

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