Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Places to Swim in DC

I have been enjoying my swim lessons and practicing on my own. And I have learned that DC has some really nice places to swim.

My favorite is the pool at Banneker High School located on Georgia Avenue-right across the street from Howard University. This high school has great (and well maintained) outdoor athletic facilities including tennis courts, a track and a swimming pool. There are actually two swimming pools. One is for small children and the other is for adults and older children. There are lanes for swimming laps in the deeper water but there is also an open area in the shallow water where I swim my laps. They have kickboards that you can borrow and diving boards that they actually let you use. The good thing is that the locker rooms are actually relatively clean. And when you are done, you can hang around because they have chairs around the pool. (You have to get there early to claim one though.)

I love swimming outside under the sun. I have decided that I am only going to swim inside when it is cold or raining.

Well, it rained on Sunday, my designated swim day. So I went to the pool at Takoma Park (in DC not MD), which my clients have been raving about. This place is nice! No wonder they like it so much. The locker rooms are very nice-and big. The pool area itself is huge. There were a lot of people at the pool but it didn't seem like it because it was so big. I had a lane to myself the whole time. There are plenty of props (kickboards, noodles, water weights) available to use. They don't let you use the diving boards though. Small children get a pool all to themselves.

The Takoma Park Pool is located at 300 Van Buren Street, N.W.

DC residents swim for free at these pools. Remember to bring your ID to get in free.

I am getting better at swimming. I just really have to get used to the breathing.

Where do you like to go to swim? In DC or otherwise?

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